Bla Bla Blog

Yes, you’ve finally found me. The author of the world-renowned and wildly popular humor blog, “BlaBlaBlog” which, at the time this went to print, had but one follower (and it was me).

I have spent a lifetime making humorous observations about life, mostly for the merriment of me, myself, I, some close friends and family and our assorted pets. My childhood included many typical future-humorist antics, such as playing practical jokes on teachers, classmates and family, writing for the underground newspaper and even appearing as a guest commentator on my college’s Weekend Update-inspired news spoof program. One of my many goals in high school was to become a writer for SNL, in addition to being a famous movie actress and marrying Leif Garret (whew, dodged that bullet!) Then, somewhere along my way to 30 Rock, I took an accidental wrong turn in Philly which earned me a (frankly, undeserved) ticket in the amount of $52.50 and a resulting desire to fight injustice. Actually, it was the vision of me in a power navy blue suit, matching pumps and a briefcase that sparked my fancy (come on, it was the 90’s!) Oh, and the ability to have “Esquire” behind my name.  As all success stories go, that $52.50 ticket became a $90,000 law school loan which I am still paying off, so…WINNING! For the next 20 years, in between bouts of lawyering and helicopter parenting, I satisfied my writer’s itch by stealing 20 minutes here and there to post wine-infused humorous Facebook posts and funny articles for the amusement of friends and family. I also started recording my observations in a blog but was constantly getting pulled away by the whirling blades of my parenting apparatus. So I relinquished my keyboard for a couple years and instead spent my life obsessing over teen drama (mine, not hers). Now that my child is off enjoying freshman year of college and successfully avoiding me at all costs, I decided to fully explore my love of humorous writing by sharing my wit and observations with others (hoping someday they’d read it). Life can be tough sometimes, but there is always humor in even the darkest of moments. We just need to find it.

Pease visit my humor blog, “BlaBlaBlog” ” where we can share some witty wisdom and outrageous observation about this thing we call life. Enjoy!