Yes, you’ve finally found me. The author of the world-renowned and wildly popular humor blog, “BlaBlaBlog” which, at the time this went to print, had but one follower (and it was me).

I’ve spent a lifetime making humorous observations about life, mostly for the merriment of myself, family, friends and our assorted pets. My childhood was spent playing practical jokes on teachers, classmates and family. In high school, I wrote for the underground newspaper and admit to drafting humorous essay exam answers as a result of not studying (although, I’m proud to say I earned an A or two simply for creativity). In college, I wrote pieces and appeared as a guest commentator on my college’s Weekend Update-inspired news spoof program. One of my goals in life was to become a writer for SNL, but along the way to 30 Rock I took an accidental wrong turn in Philly which earned me a (frankly, undeserved) ticket in the amount of $52.50 and a resulting desire to fight injustice. Actually, it was the vision of me in a navy blue power suit, matching pumps and a briefcase that sparked my fancy (sue me, it was the 90’s). As all success stories go, that $52.50 ticket became a $90,000 law school loan which I’m still paying off, so…WINNING! For the next few years, in between bouts of lawyering and helicopter parenting, I satisfied my writer’s itch by stealing a couple minutes here and there to draft humorous pieces for my own amusement, a collection of which can be found on my website, “BlaBlaBlog” 

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