Here are my recommendations for your next RomCom read!


One Day in December

One Day in December tells the delightful tale of a women who finds serendipity after seeing the man of her dreams at a bus stop – only to not get off and spend the next few years searching for him. A great read for the holidays!

Order One Day in December here


Beach Read by Emily Henry

November’s known as “Nanowrimo”, or “National Novel Writing Month”. In keeping with that theme, my book pick this month is “Book Lovers”, a story about a workaholic literary agent who doesn’t believe in tropes, until she ends up in a trope-ish hometown setting with her nemesis and both begin rewriting their unlikely happy endings.

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Mr. Right Swipe by Ricki Shultz

My book pick this month is “Mr. Right Swipe”, in honor of World Teacher Day (October 5). Rae Wallace, first grade teacher by day and steamy novel writer by night, “would rather drown in a vat of pino greezh” than find a date for an upcoming wedding. But when friends intervene in the form of a dating app, she swipes right into the scuplted arms of her co-worker.

Order Mr. Right Swipe here

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