When two women house-swap during the holidays to cure their broken hearts, they find love in the most unexpected ways. This is a delightful and popular holiday tale that will keep your warm down to your toes. Pair it with a minty Mistletoe Kiss cocktail!


In the writing world, November is known as “Nanowrimo”, or “National Novel Writing Month”. In keeping with the theme, meet Lucy and Joshua, assistants to co-CEOs of a publishing company, vying for the same promotion. The loser needs to quit their job, unless they can write an alternative ending. Pair it with a Strawberry Shortcake Martini, Lucy’s heritage and nickname.


October’s pick is sure to make you “fall” in love. It’s the mother of all romcoms, “When Harry Met Sally”, which explores the question of whether men and women can really “just” be friends. Pair it with a Pecan Pie Manhattan – it’s where the movie takes place, and you’ll never say “pecan pie” the same after you see the swoony scene where Harry asks Sally on a date.

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