On Sale Now … The Way to Cape May

You’re cordially invited to the seaside wedding of Delaney Ross and Dalton Brooks in the charming seaside resort of Cape May—if it actually happens. Delaney’s planned the perfect beach wedding with the same attention to detail that earned her a successful career as a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney. As the countdown to wedding day begins, all her best-laid plans are thwarted by a series of events that put their love to the test, including Mother Nature’s plus-one RSVP. Even threat of a natural disaster can’t match the turmoil of an unbridled Groomzilla with a life-altering secret that may veer this love story to a Happily Never After before they can say, “I Don’t”.

Coming soon…Cape May Christmas in July

Three sisters hope to find magic in this seaside holiday romcom. Kelsey Grace, “America’s Sweetheart”, takes a much-needed break from Tinseltown—and her hot co-star—between shoots of her popular romcom movies. Despite her nickname, she’s never had a boyfriend, thanks to a high school crush who broke her heart. When she comes home to help her sisters plan a Christmas in July event to rebuild the local arts center, she’s confronted with her past. Sarina, owner of the new Sunrise Cafe, has fed the town for free post-storm, but it’s costing her. She’s about to give in to her competitive ex-boyfriend when an untouchable visitor steals her heart. Molly, a recent graduate, strives to become employed or engaged (whichever comes first) until she catches feels for the last person she’d expect.

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